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Dear participants,

Whatever we do all the time, we have done, are doing, and will do. We had to start somewhere, so we started from the best. We have taken a small but big step for the powerful generations of strong Turkey. In order to realize our journey of excellence in education in an organized manner, we established the Association for Excellence in Education on the 30th of August 2020 Victory Day in Aydın. We resolutely continue on this blessed journey of perfection. We are happy to present eight journals and two congresses (IEXCEL and ICONTE) to the service of all of us in this short period of time. We will strive to spread the excellence we believe in education to every corner of our country, to the best of our abilities, in the best possible way, without compromising on being scientific. While doing all this, we will adhere to the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, its founding values, and Atatürk’s principles and reforms.

With educators who believe that the journey to excellence is an endless process, we will turn our journey of excellence into a national brand first and then a world brand. We will strive to offer the best training, congresses, and publications to the service of all of us, adhering to the basic principles of our association (transparency, accountability, etc.). 

As the Education Excellence Association family, we know very well the value of being “us”, being together and getting stronger. This value we put forward is ours. Together we will bring this value to the point it deserves. We believe that the future will be ours and therefore we do everything for education. The greatest legacy we will leave behind will be our people who do not compromise on being scientific and have integrated universal ethical principles and values with our cultural values. As a matter of fact, what you give for this country is more important than what you get from it. We are here to give the best with common mind. We are counting on us on this journey. The journey is our journey, the ship is our ship, we are the captain and the crew. Welcome to our journey of excellence in education. We promised to do the best for us. Because we are you. Together “Always for the Better”

Best regards,

Excellence in Education Association Family